No News is Good News?

Oh, by the way … Jocelyn is at camp. And has been since Thursday. So as far as we know, everything is OK. At least, it was on Thursday, when this picture was taken..

While we are absolutely certain that this is the longest stretch of her life that she’s gone without parental contact, we […]

Video: Junior Scouts on the Bridge

Here’s something new: Video! I don’t know if it’s exactly what I want, but Flickr has added video uploads and sharing this week. By coincidence, I have recently acquired a Sony SR11 HD HDD camcorder. Then Jocelyn had her bridging ceremony from Brownies to Junior Girl Scouts on Monday.

The cosmic alignment is hard […]

Scout Sweethearts Beach Party

It may not have super sunny and warm, but we finally had a sunny weekend this winter … just in time for the beach-themed Girl Scout Sweetheart Dance for Jocelyn’s Brownie Troop and nearby service units.

We went with matching yellow “beachy” outfits, and also sprung for the matching light-up hula hoops for affect. After […]

Handing Out the Cookies

Karen took this picture, and it’s just too cute to pass up. Earlier this week, we packed the Volvo with Girl Scout Cookies that Jocelyn has sold to friends, neighbors, and relatives. Now we need to sort and deliver the 180+ boxes of cookies without eating all of them ourselves.


Cookies for Crossbow

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season!

Jocelyn spent a big chunk of time this weekend selling Girl Scout Cookies to our friends and neighbors, including a sales call at Crossbow on Monday.

She’s already reached her official goal of 130 boxes (she sold 108 last year) … and she’s set a new, personal goal of […]

“It Sure Is Plant Week”

It’s the first week of May, and it is finally Spring around here. Jocelyn remarked on the sudden influx of plants in our lives declaring, “It sure is plant week.”

On her birthday, Mommy received potted ‘Lily of the Valley’ bulbs from Aunt Jenni, and the white choral bells began to bloom a few days […]

The Cookies Have Arrived

They are here … 108 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, sold by Jocelyn for her Brownie Troop in 2006. Thank you to everyone who helped support her sales efforts; I think she’s quite proud of her accomplishments … and so are we.

Be on the lookout for your delivery … […]

Girl Scout “Sock Hop”

Here we are, ready for the Father-Daughter Sweetheart Dance! Karen made the poodle skirt for Jocelyn (and a matching one for Felicia, too).

We joined the rest of our Troop 552 friends and their dads for dancing and snacks for the two-hour sock hop. The music was mostly from the 50’s, with a few […]

Double Date Weekend

This was my lucky weekend. Karen and I went up to San Francisco for a night on the town Friday night (dinner, drinks, and a soccer game), and we stayed over night before retuning home today. It was very nice date.

And tonight, I’ve got the Father-Daughter Sweetheart Dance with Jocelyn’s Brownie Troop. We’ve got […]