Too Much Snow?

No, Silly! At least not yet.

After a few inexplicable delays, we finally made our way up to our Tahoe Cabin this past weekend to enjoy all of the snow that has been falling in March. And, boy, has it been falling!

We think there is more than 30 feet on the ground. Our […]

Running and/or Skiiing at Sugar Bowl

It was probably our last day sliding on the snow this season, so Jocelyn decided to spend it running next to her sister the whole day …

No, not really … but it was fun to do once or twice. Felicia spent part of the day skiing with her preschool buddy Luke, while […]

Alright … So Felicia is Skiing

OK, we admit it. Felicia kind of enjoys skiing right now. But only because she’s too young to snowboard effectively.

While she technically can’t participate in snowboarding “lessons” at any major resort just yet, they’ll happily teach her to ski. Whatever.

Here she is showing me her “pizza piece” over the weekend, while we were […]

Uncle Timmy’s in Tahoe!

He’s made the big trip from Nashville to Donner Summit, all to try snowboarding for the first time. There’s a famous story about how he missed his chance more than 15 years ago in Vail (when I was learning), but well … here he is trying for his first time.

Keep up to date with […]

GPS-enabled Snowboarding Odyssey

As part of enjoying our exciting new cabin in Serene Lakes (Soda Springs), Karen and I split up on Tuesday, each snowboarding with Jocelyn for half of the day. I took the morning shift.

But, alas, no camera. But I did have my GPS-enable cell phone. So here’s a picture of our morning together (sort […]

Snow? On Memorial Day?

KellerGirlsSled Originally uploaded by dhkeller

Yes. Snow. Here we all are enjoying the unpredictable weather of May in the Sierras, along the shores of the Serene Lakes near Donner Summit. The temperature on Sunday morning topped out at 42F, so jackets were required.

On the bright side, the snow play was fabulous, including snowball […]

Soccer Good Luck Charms Moving

In case you haven’t heard, our fabulous friends The Fuells are moving to Amsterdam in just a few days.

We will miss Kate & Ted for a lot of reasons:

Jocelyn and Kate met when they were three years old, in their SJPPNS 2-Day Class. The rest is history. We’ve watched Ted grow […]

Busy Spring Break 2008

Since it came so early this year, our Spring Break 2008 had a little bit of everything — even some snow! Twice!

Between Good Friday and March 31, we went snowboarding at Soda Springs … celebrated Easter … visited Great America … got sick … squeezed in choir, dance class, and swim lessons (just like […]

Felicia & Super K Snowboard

There they are, each strapped in to a snowboard for their first time!

Ange & Kiana joined us for a few days in Tahoe, so we just had to drag Kiana to Soda Springs for a little practice sliding downhill on the single plank. For the record, Felicia’s on a 90cm, and Kiana’s riding […]