Trip to Germany Goes Into Extra Time!

In truth, we came up with the idea of extending our stay in Germany even before the USA’s thrilling extra-time victory over Brazil in the Womens World Cup quarterfinal that we didn’t attend. But after that victory, how could we not? … It seemed the US was a team of destiny, and our time in […]

Good Luck in Bavaria — Just Not For Germany!

The second stage of our visit to Germany was our primary tourist time in Deutschland, and we had planned to spend it in Bavaria. Although the US Soccer Team didn’t join us there, we had a great time — and some very surprising good luck.

We spent Friday in the old city center of Nuremburg, […]

Felicia’s Sixth Year – 100 Soccer Balls?

Keeping with my long-standing tradition of honoring each of Felicia’s birthdays with books that tell the story of the year, I’ve got four selections to share.

By any measure, it has been a momentous year for our youngest.

2009-2010 was the year Felicia ascended into the world of her older sister, joining Jocelyn in many […]

Muggle Quidditch – World Cup Qualifying

While not yet confirmed by official sources, has learned that the next stage of World Cup Qualifying in Muggle Quidditch will likely take place in February, with the team from California hosting the reigning champion team from Tennessee.

This grainy video taken in the hills above Saratoga shows the Californian Martins conducting an inter-squad […]

Supporting ‘BAWSI Girls’

BAWSI = bossĀ·y [bos-ee, baw-see] (bô’s&#275, bë’s&#275)

That’s BAWSI … as in the Bay Area Womens Sports Initiative, which our family has supported over the past few years, most recently sponsoring their program activities at San Jose’s Horace Mann Elementary School.

Today, we visited the Horace Mann program site — along with Nana & […]

“That’s ‘Cuz The Other Team Scored it”

Felicia scored her first official soccer goal today, sort of. … The score comes near the end, and listen closely for the extra bonus analysis from Felicia:

Well, sure, the ball got a little help from the other team, but it was going in anyway, right!

So, the Green Ninja’s didn’t technically win today. […]

Jocelyn Hits Double Digits Tomorrow

Happy Birthday, Jocelyn! … she begins her second decade this week (depending on how you want to count it, of course)!

We had a few friends over for the official birthday party on Sunday, for an Olympic Decathlon themed day of fun activities and games. Party attendees competed in ten events, including a logo-design contest, […]

Jocelyn & Felicia in Luke’s Run

With Karen working hard in preparation for the Nike Womens Half Marathon (and fundraising for Team in Training), the girls took their turn running for awareness of leukemia and lymphoma cancers.

They ran special kids races this morning at Campbell Park, as part of Luke’s Run, in honor of a young cancer victim. Luke’s […]

Sports-Related GPS Picture Geekery

On it’s face, a picture of your daughter and a good friend wrapped in a San Jose Earthquakes flag while watching an entertaining soccer match wouldn’t normally be fodder for a geeky discussion of photo-sharing geo-tagging. And it is a cool picture.

But the really cool thing is that I took this photo with my […]