Quakes Tie Despite Cute Outfit/Namecalling

First of all, you need to know that Felicia picked out her outfit all by herself this morning. She was personally very excited to go to the Earthquakes game today at Buck Shaw Stadium.

It’s also worth noting that she apparently agrees with commentator Jay Hipps, that there is no need to refer to the […]

World of Ajax Tour (no cleaning products)

As a special treat on Saturday, Kate, Ted, Jocelyn, Ann, and I took a tour of Amsterdam Arena, home of the world famous Ajax Futbol Club. We got to go inside the stadium, walk on the pitch (dirt, actually, as they are renovating the grass during the offseason), sit inside the high-security visitors section, and […]

Soccer Good Luck Charms Moving

In case you haven’t heard, our fabulous friends The Fuells are moving to Amsterdam in just a few days.

We will miss Kate & Ted for a lot of reasons:

Jocelyn and Kate met when they were three years old, in their SJPPNS 2-Day Class. The rest is history. We’ve watched Ted grow […]

Four Years: Dancing & Swimming

OK, so we’re a little bit late on this … Felicia’s birthday was in January. Oops.

The Keller Sisters probably have/had a lot more in common when they were each four-years-old, but here’s a fun comparison, focusing on two of their many extracurricular activities.

Ignoring the camera quality differences that five years can […]

Parent-Child Basketball Game

To wrap-up this year’s season of Upward Basketball, Jocelyn’s team participated in a little parent-child scrimmage earlier tonight, with Daddy playing guard for the Washington Generals. Here’s a picture of Jocelyn driving the lane for an easy two points against her father.

Yes, I am wearing a soccer jersey in this picture and breathably-thin,running […]

She Shoots … She Defends, too

In what has amounted to a very busy 24-hour stretch, here’s a picture of Jocelyn draining a basket for her Upward Basketball team during her Saturday afternoon game.

Although it’s not her first basket in regulation, it is reminiscent of her first soccer goal, because the picture was hastily snapped after the fact. That’s […]

Jocelyn Hits the Hardwood

Jocelyn is now a basketball player. She’s been shooting hoops around the playground for some time, but her first real game was this weekend, in the Upward Basketball league at nearby Cathedral of Faith Church. If you can’t find her, she’s the player on the far-left. You can’t necessarily tell, but she’s holding the ball […]

Holiday Postcard — Super Fancy Online Edition

Celebrating Bookin‘s “Family Fun Night” in June Nana‘s Birthday in March The Placer County Fair in Roseville in July. Vancouver Kellers visited for Spring Break in April Halloween with Blossom and Ruff Ruffman Looking for the Stories behind these pictures? Here they are. Fighting Fires in Milwaukee for Independence Day The Keller Girls […]

Hungry Sheep Threaten Soccer

Karen and the girls were at Hidden Villa earlier today with Jenni, Ange, and Kiana. The working farm hosts a big collection of cows and sheep.

Felicia: “Where are the sheep?” Mommy: “They are probably out in the meadow.” Felica: “Why?” Mommy: “So they can have a nice yummy grass snack.” Felicia: “Why?” Mommy: […]