She’s Attached to Taggie

I think it’s official. The search for an official transitional item has ended, and Taggie is the winner. Her attachment has grown stronger in the last few weeks, possibly heightened by Mommy’s absence.

The Proof: Today, we inadvertantly left the house on an errand without Taggie. We had the pacifier, which was just barely […]

New Bedtime Book

Wave Hello to Thomas! No, really, “Wave Hello to Thomas!” … it’s Felicia’s new favorite book, replacing Maisy’s Bedtime in her required bedtime ritual. We read it three times tonight; no other book was allowed.

It’s a “Lift-and-Peek-a-Board Book” and it’s our first foray into the Tank Engine (which was one of Jocelyn’s favorite characters, […]

Emerging Martin Cousin

Since it’s now officially mentioned in their website Blog, I guess I’m free to celebrate! The Nashville Martins are pregnant! They are due in October (although Jocelyn says she wants her new cousin to join her in November).

Perhaps we’ll host the “Unofficial Baby Pool,” including winners for correctly guessing the birthday, gender, and arboreal […]

Fleece Security Blanket?

Felicia may have developed a security blanket; I’m just not exactly sure what it is.

The official “transitional object” has yet to clearly emerge, but we have a few candidates.

Our preference (since we’ve been pushing it) is the small fleece square “Taggie” blanket, which features 20 small ribbons folded over into a variety of […]