Felicia Backs-Up Brian Boucher

Saturday was an incredibly busy day for us.

I am not sure how we managed to fit in a movie, a hockey game, a girl scout cookie booth, and a parents-only date night, too. But enough about us … let’s talk Hockey!

Here’s a picture of Felicia during the pre-game skate of today’s San […]

‘P’ is For …

Felicia has the privilege this week of creating a preschool art collage for the Letter ‘P’ ….

Pillows, Pepperoni Pizza, Pears, Presents, Pancakes, Paper, wrapping Paper, Popcorn, a Printer, and Pavelski with a Puck


Felicia Picked the Winner

You know we love Elva’s Coffee Stop.

Among the many reasons we visit almost every day is Elva’s commitment to helping our community. She often hosts special events to raise money or collect things for those less fortunate than the rest of us.

For this year’s Thanksgiving Turkey Drive at Elva’s, our family chipped in […]

Princesses Natalee, Kate, and Felicia

Felicia and Karen joined some preschool friends and their families for an afternoon at “Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes,” skating around the ice at San Jose Arena.

Meanwhile, Jocelyn and David spent the afternoon at The Tech Museum downtown. Once everyone was finished, our family linked back up for dinner at Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria.


Extra “Leap Day” With Felicia Was *AWESOME*

Alright … I have to admit something. Today wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was a second Friday in a row that I had cobbled together the logistics to support a day snowboarding in Tahoe — and it was the second Friday in a row that my plans fell […]

Sharks 4, Former Sharks 4, Flames 1

As a San Jose fan in the Calgary Saddledome for tonight’s Sharks’ road game, I’ll look on the bright side. Current and former San Jose Sharks outscored the Calgary Flames‘ Never-Sharks, 8-1. Unfortunately, the actual score was Flames 5, Sharks 4 (although it wasn’t really that close).

Former Shark Owen Nolan scored a hat trick, […]

Grandee Brings Good Luck to Sharks

It was her first professional hockey game — ever — but she watched it like an old pro! And she even provided her own special version of good luck.

The Sharks haven’t had a great record inside San Jose Arena this year, but a little dose of Grandee helped out last night, as the Sharks […]

Felicia’s Day With the Sharks

The San Jose Sharks played a rare matinée game this afternoon, battling the evil Dallas Stars in a daytime hockey game at San Jose Arena. It was the perfect opportunity to take Felicia to a game!

We had a great time, and she really enjoyed dancing to the music and watching the game. Although, she […]

Go Gooch!

This was kind of a fun coincidence.

The National Hockey League has been part of a “Hockey Fights Cancer” awareness project this month, so it’s allowed us to talk about pink-shaded cause marketing. In particular, Jocelyn has been interested in pink-based cancer awareness.

Simultaneously, we are cheering for the San Jose Sharks, who happen to […]