Goodbye, Tiburon … You’ll be missed!

After 15 years of faithful service, alternating as bird watcher, alarm clock, and hockey namesake … our first family cat Tiburon died today. She’s pictured here in December 1998, and that’s one-month-old Jocelyn in my other arm. Tiburon, of course, is Spanish for ‘Shark’ …

My mother will be the first to tell you that […]

Sisters in Kindergarten

Yep, there they are! Congratulations to Felicia, who started Kindergarten today!

And Jocelyn started the Fifth Grade, marking the only year that both girls will ever be at the same school (barring some tricky post-secondary matriculation rubrics that I don’t want to pay for). The confluence was not lost on the girls, who graciously […]

David is 40 … !!!

David is celebrating his 40th birthday in Italy! Italy is 9 hours ahead of us, so it is 12:15 AM July 9, 2008 already and I wanted to be the first to wish him a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, David!!! We Love You!

Soccer Good Luck Charms Moving

In case you haven’t heard, our fabulous friends The Fuells are moving to Amsterdam in just a few days.

We will miss Kate & Ted for a lot of reasons:

Jocelyn and Kate met when they were three years old, in their SJPPNS 2-Day Class. The rest is history. We’ve watched Ted grow […]

First Day of Preschool

Felicia started preschool yesterday! She has been very excited about it for more than a few weeks, and Tuesday, September 12, was the big day! These pictures show Felicia smiling in the play structure near the beginning of the day … and the wear-and-tear that her school t-shirt endured. Along the way, she did some […]

Nudie + Naked = Nukie

We’ve reached the naked stage, that well-known era when toddlers get a real kick out of running around the house completely naked. Every parent has been there, right?

When the toddler Jocelyn ran around the house au natural, we called her “a nudie” and had a lot of fun with that nickname. It stuck around […]

New Addition: ‘Ancient History’

It’s probably not a real big deal, but we’ve added a little bit to the website recently, with the new “Ancient History” page (there’s also a link in the sidebar menu). Actually, it’s not exactly new … more like reruns, really. In time, we plan to add the complete archives of our original (and evolving) […]

New Bedtime Book

Wave Hello to Thomas! No, really, “Wave Hello to Thomas!” … it’s Felicia’s new favorite book, replacing Maisy’s Bedtime in her required bedtime ritual. We read it three times tonight; no other book was allowed.

It’s a “Lift-and-Peek-a-Board Book” and it’s our first foray into the Tank Engine (which was one of Jocelyn’s favorite characters, […]

Rock & Roll Ernie Returns

Like sister … like sister?

One of Jocelyn’s first new toys when we moved into our Willow Glen house was a “Rock & Roll Ernie” singing Sesame Street toy. GrandPaPa and GrandMaMa gave it to us. It’s got a small orange button that starts Ernie singing one of two classic Rock & Roll songs: ‘Splish […]