Merry Christmas from Booksin Band

First the whole Booksin Band plays “Jingle Bells,” and then the Advanced Band brings it home with a few more favorites.

See if you can find Felicia and her clarinet! Enjoy!

Recorded Friday, December 12.

San Diego in September (and October)

We’re off for a full family vacation in the southwestern corner of our fair state! That’s right: San Jose Unified just won’t drop this “Fall Break” nonsense, so we’re playing along for a week in San Diego.

Follow along on Twitter, and keep an eye on Storify!

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Among our plans, a […]

Booksin Band 2014 Concerts

120 Kids from three elementary schools can’t be wrong! The 2014 band show was pretty awesome.

Friday night featured the Booksin Band in concert with elementary school bands from Trace and Willow Glen, performing as one big group. And it was pretty impressive. Look closely, and you’ll see Felicia in a number of songs, […]

Bob Marley – Brazilian Style

With Drums! From today’s end-of-year performance in Felicia’s Fourth Grade class. Please enjoy this Brazilian Drumming performance (if you can find her).

Brazilian Drumming @ Booksin (Ms. Macon 4th Grade 2014) from David Keller on Vimeo.

Oh: The password is “Macon4th” … Sshhhhh!

Christmas Concert Compilation

Happy Holidays to all … and to all a string of very busy nights!

For your viewing pleasure, Felicia appears in videos from her school band performance (“Jolly Old St. Nicholas” and “Up on the Rooftop”) and from her bell choir and children’s choir at church.

Jocelyn’s high school Bella Voce choir finished the season […]

Bamboo Surfing Down the Yulong River

It was hard to avoid the draw of riding a bamboo raft down the Yulong River, especially since our balcony view afforded us a constant stream of other tourist riding the boats. So we joined in the fun!

All along the river, there were barges with drinks and snacks for sale, and there were […]

Hidden Gem: Tubing at Norquay

Sure, #MK20 was primarily supposed to be about snowboarding. And we broke in the New Year with a lot of that.

But over the last two days, as the snow quality subsided without any fresh snow to cover the icy patches, we decided to try tubing at Norquay. And it may have spoiled us for […]

CUMC Bell Choir: Prince of Peace

Merry Christmas from the world-famous Diamond Ringers children’s bell choir!

And, yes, that’s Karen directing. Felicia is third from the left and Jocelyn is third from the right, with Kiana next to her. Enjoy!

CUMC: Prince of Peace from David Keller on Vimeo.

2nd Grade Music Around the World

Wednesday was the 2nd Grade Music Concert at Booksin Elementary, part of the end-of-year ceremonies for Felicia’s school.

If you can’t find her, she’s in the third row, slightly to the right of the literal shiny star. We all know she’s also a shiny star. Enjoy:

Shhhhh. The password is “milleryoungmusic” [without the […]