Seriously, Have You Seen Our View?

We’re staying at the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat for three days before jetting to Hong Kong. Seriously, this is the view from our balcony. As I type, there are bamboo rafts gliding downstream full of tourists and sightseers. But the Girls are still sleeping, so that can wait for a bit … And then there’s […]

Chengdu … Because Pandas!

Following the important visits to YueYang and Changsha, we will spend the rest of our China vacation being pure tourists. So, of course, we had to go see the Giant Pandas.

Chengdu actually turned out to be a very pleasant city, with lots to see beyond visiting just the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda […]

Tart & Saucy Chicken Salad

Future Chefs unite!

As part of the Sodexo Future Chefs National Challenge, Felicia has created a fun healthy salad for submission to the local competition in her school district. Bon Appetit!

Chicken Salad

Mix in a bowl. Then place on cut-up spinach bedding. Pour sauce if wanted.

1 Cup Corn Kernels 1-1/2 […]

A Holiday Surprise

Stop-Motion photography starring Mr. Potato Head and Santa Potato Head (created by Jocelyn).

a holiday surprise

More PowerPoint presentations from David Keller […]

Happy Halloween!

Somehow we missed pictures of the cousins together in their costume, but we did grab a good shot of them at our annual family pumpkin carving adventure.

For the record, they were dressed (from left to right) as a Flying Monkey, Elphaba from Wicked, and a Rubber Duckie. You’ll just have to use your imagination. […]

Felicia’s Brown Sugar Goodies

Felicia came up with her own creation in the kitchen today-Brown Sugar Goodies. She got the necessary dishes, found the ingredients she wanted to include, and announced they would need to bake for 60 minutes, I made a small sugestions to add a bit of bisquick and milk. She worked out all the measurements. The […]

I Dare the Snow to Go Through this Wall

Well, that may be a little too much bravado, but the famous Snow Retaining Wall has been constructed, as pictured here.

Awesome loads of thanks to my dad (aka ‘GrandPaPa’), who essentially designed and executed the whole product. I cut a few pieces, and the girls stained a lot of it, but he did most […]

Input Wanted: Snow Retaining Wall

I’d like to thank all of my handy friends who surf through this weblog every once and a while. I am not that handy a person, so today … I am asking for your help.

And, no, it’s not currently snowing in Tahoe. In fact, there is no snow right now, which is why I […]

July 4th in Fox Point, WI

It’s fun little tradition we enjoy whenever we are in Milwaukee for Independence Day! The annual celebration and neighborhood parade (with fewer spectators than marchers) in the Village of Fox Point:

Papa has restored an old “firetruck” that was a crumbling relic in one of the old factories acquired by Jason Industries in its […]