Promoted! … High School is Next!

There she is! Fresh out of 8th Grade!

Congratulations to Jocelyn and her great group of friends, many of whom have known each other since Kindergarten.

Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of helping our fantastic daughter grown into a strong young woman!

Our experience at Willow Glen Middle School has been […]

Tart & Saucy Chicken Salad

Future Chefs unite!

As part of the Sodexo Future Chefs National Challenge, Felicia has created a fun healthy salad for submission to the local competition in her school district. Bon Appetit!

Chicken Salad

Mix in a bowl. Then place on cut-up spinach bedding. Pour sauce if wanted.

1 Cup Corn Kernels 1-1/2 […]

Wait! The Girls Started School Last Week!

Another school year is underway, with Jocelyn set to conquer the Eighth grade, and Felicia tackling Third grade. Actually it started last week. Who knew?

Friends and excitement abound, as you might expect. Onward!


[Storified?] Fallon House Field Trip

Hello? Is this thing on? Here’s a test-run of a storify embed:

[View the story “Fallon House w/ Mrs. Miller” on Storify]

2nd Grade Music Around the World

Wednesday was the 2nd Grade Music Concert at Booksin Elementary, part of the end-of-year ceremonies for Felicia’s school.

If you can’t find her, she’s in the third row, slightly to the right of the literal shiny star. We all know she’s also a shiny star. Enjoy:

Shhhhh. The password is “milleryoungmusic” [without the […]

Talent Show “Reflection” for Jocelyn

This week was the annual Talent Show at Willow Glen Middle School. Among many great acts featuring singing and dancing, Jocelyn selected a song to perform solo in front of parents and peers.

From Friday, April 27, 2012 … Jocelyn sings “Reflection” from Disney’s Mulan:

Mulan was originally released in 1998 — as was […]

Tale of Two (or Three) Grandpas?

It’s time for a 2nd Grade simile and metaphor lesson!

Editor’s Note: We’re going to withhold the name of the intended grandpa (Felicia did write this about one in particular, but it’s more fun to keep Grandpa, Papa, and GrandPaPa guessing!

My Grandpa is … by Felicia Keller

Old like Methusala, Hungry like […]

7th Grade Science – Jocelyn’s Plant Cell

As part of the seventh grade science curriculum at her middle school, Jocelyn recently completed a project to create a 3D replica of a plant cell. A big slab of styrofoam, a little fabric, some playdough … and viola!

Aside from using the circular saw to cut the styrofoam and a razor blade to slice […]

Constantinople: A Better City — A Better Home

“Goodbye, Run-Down and Vulnerable Farm! … Hello, Constantinople!”

Jocelyn has been working on a project this week for her 7th grade Social Studies class, which is focusing on ancient civilizations. The project was to make a real estate brochure promoting the desirability of living in Constantinople during the Byzantine Empire (roughly from 350-565 AD). She […]