Wait! The Girls Started School Last Week!

Another school year is underway, with Jocelyn set to conquer the Eighth grade, and Felicia tackling Third grade. Actually it started last week. Who knew?

Friends and excitement abound, as you might expect. Onward!


Back to School 2011 … Like Clockwork!

Another year older, another first day of school conquered!

For reference, we present First Day 2010:


Felicia’s Sixth Year – 100 Soccer Balls?

Keeping with my long-standing tradition of honoring each of Felicia’s birthdays with books that tell the story of the year, I’ve got four selections to share.

By any measure, it has been a momentous year for our youngest.

2009-2010 was the year Felicia ascended into the world of her older sister, joining Jocelyn in many […]

Frosty the Snowman – Christmas Carol 2009

The tradition continues … with a twist! … This year’s “Christmas Carol” gift to Mommy was the time-honored ‘Frosty the Snowman.”

While no long, drawn-out explanation is required this year, we added an enhancement to the standard tradition for 2009. Our “Frosty the Snowman” gift included the usual hand-made ornament and a handy kit for […]

Sisters in Kindergarten

Yep, there they are! Congratulations to Felicia, who started Kindergarten today!

And Jocelyn started the Fifth Grade, marking the only year that both girls will ever be at the same school (barring some tricky post-secondary matriculation rubrics that I don’t want to pay for). The confluence was not lost on the girls, who graciously […]

Greetings from the Donner Party

Over the extended-weekend that Spring Break afforded, I took Felicia and Jocelyn back to Donner Memorial State Park on Monday.

We had also visited the park in January, when there was a lot more snow. So much in fact, that we somehow missed the gigantic memorial statue that you see here in the background. I […]

She’s the “Four-Day Star”

Everyone eventually gets a chance, of course, but this week — after much anticipation — Felicia was the SJPPNS Four-Day Star!

Among her responsibilities included compiling a letter collage, sharing something that was important to her, and sitting down with teacher Susanne to write some things about herself. Thursday was the big day for her […]

24+ Miles (Combined)

Sometimes when the girls participate on an activity, it’s hard to single out just one fantastic effort. Today was no exception, as the Booksin Walkathon (a whole-family effort to benefit Jocelyn’s school) went off without a hitch for its 21st year.

Jocelyn got credit for 20 miles — 12 of them before her soccer game […]

Sushi Chef with a Sous Chef

Fresh from her “travels” across a variety of culinary destinations at last week’s Food Camp, Jocelyn set about making a gourmet dinner on Saturday for our family, plus special visitor Kiana.

She actually planned the whole menu, right down to the shopping list, and then executed it with only a smattering of adult assistance. She […]