Sushi Chef with a Sous Chef

Fresh from her “travels” across a variety of culinary destinations at last week’s Food Camp, Jocelyn set about making a gourmet dinner on Saturday for our family, plus special visitor Kiana.

She actually planned the whole menu, right down to the shopping list, and then executed it with only a smattering of adult assistance. She […]

Tale of Two Swim Lessons

It’s been a busy two weeks of almost-daily swim lessons, as we get ready for our even-busier summer.

Today, Felicia even had two lessons! In the bigger picture, she’s riding the pink noodle with some classmates while Jocelyn finished 200 yards of freestyle swimming in the next lane.

The smaller picture is Felicia […]

Felicia Feeds ‘Little Bob’

Friday featured a preschool field trip to the SJPD Horse Stables, which are located right in the middle of town, about ten minutes from our house.

This is a picture of Felicia feeding Officer Ernie’s horse Little Bob. In an amusing coincidence, both Officer Ernie and ‘Bob Jr’ — same horse, two names — were […]

Four Years: Dancing & Swimming

OK, so we’re a little bit late on this … Felicia’s birthday was in January. Oops.

The Keller Sisters probably have/had a lot more in common when they were each four-years-old, but here’s a fun comparison, focusing on two of their many extracurricular activities.

Ignoring the camera quality differences that five years can […]

Holiday Postcard — Super Fancy Online Edition

Celebrating Bookin‘s “Family Fun Night” in June Nana‘s Birthday in March The Placer County Fair in Roseville in July. Vancouver Kellers visited for Spring Break in April Halloween with Blossom and Ruff Ruffman Looking for the Stories behind these pictures? Here they are. Fighting Fires in Milwaukee for Independence Day The Keller Girls […]

Keller Girls at Three: Cake & Horses

It’s so much fun to compare … Here are our two fabulous daughters smiling for the camera as happy three-year-olds. In December 2001, Jocelyn and Karen were all bundled up for the holiday carousel in downtown San Jose. Just last weekend, we spent a warm sunny day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, no […]

… And Jocelyn Catch Me

As part of Felicia’s bedtime routine every night (and at nap time, too), one of us sings the traditional “Rock-a-Bye Baby” nursery rhyme, which she calls “Baby Song.” Of course, there’s a twist.

When she asks for the song, she also specifies who exactly will be rocking in the treetops, and who will catch the […]

Happy Eighth Birthday, Jocelyn!

My goodness, she’s turning eight today! Our beautiful “Sweetie” is growing up …

Continuing with tradition, I gave Jocelyn her birthday present this morning, two plush Boyds Bears, with ice cream cones. We were so proud of her “Ice Cream Specials” fundraiser for a local food bank, which she planned all summer long and […]

Preschool Art on Display

Not long into her preschool career, Felicia is now an artist. Actually, of all the things available for her to do at SJPPNS, she doesn’t choose art very much.

But she did make at least project, and here it is on display at Elva’s Coffee Stop. She’s quite proud of this one, happy to […]