Keller Cousins on Donner Summit

When the planets align — along with the summer schedules of cousins in two different states — the universe is treated to a rare sight: Keller Cousins together in California. Tahoe and Donner Summit, to be specific!

We welcomed Camden & Brayden to our Tahoe Cabin in early August, with kayaking and hiking on our […]

SuperK Week in Tahoe

With her older sister away at Girl Scout Camp, what’s an eight-year-old to do with all of her time (while simultaneously keeping her father safe from her boredom)? … Invite her cousin to go to Tahoe!

From seeing the actual Lake Tahoe on Wednesday at Commons Beach in Tahoe City, to swimming in Lake Dulzura […]

The 2011 Christmas Card

Too Much Snow?

No, Silly! At least not yet.

After a few inexplicable delays, we finally made our way up to our Tahoe Cabin this past weekend to enjoy all of the snow that has been falling in March. And, boy, has it been falling!

We think there is more than 30 feet on the ground. Our […]

Happy New Year 2010 – our Holiday Card

It took us a few years of looking, but we finally found our cabin in Tahoe (along the Serene Lakes in Soda Springs)! So we’re celebrating Christmas and the New Year up on Donner Summit!

In addition to lots of snowplay, both Jocelyn and Felicia finished 2009 attending elementary school together, enjoying ballet and […]

Carol of the Bells

Merry Christmas to everyone! As a special holiday treat, Jocelyn taught herself to play the “Carol of the Bells” on the organ at our Cabin in Tahoe.

And she recorded it on her new Creativ Vado HD pocket video recorder. We hope you enjoy it!


Frosty the Snowman – Christmas Carol 2009

The tradition continues … with a twist! … This year’s “Christmas Carol” gift to Mommy was the time-honored ‘Frosty the Snowman.”

While no long, drawn-out explanation is required this year, we added an enhancement to the standard tradition for 2009. Our “Frosty the Snowman” gift included the usual hand-made ornament and a handy kit for […]

To Your Left, Lake van Norden

… and to your right, Lakes Dulzura and Serena

For the last few weeks, we’ve been noticing the ridge that lies between those two watersheds, wondering if it would be an easy hike someday, possibly affording views of both of the major lakes near our cabin. Today, we got our answer: Yes!

We […]

High Altitude Emergency Hat Rescue

Good thing we had our cousins with us!

During our excursion to the seasonally-shrinking Lake van Norden this past weekend, Jocelyn lost her hat to the howling winds that are common in the afternoons on Donner Summit.

We had finished exploring ‘Pride Rock‘ with Camden & Brayden, and also discovered lots of grasshoppers and tiny […]