Our Family Rejects Prop 8

Today wasn’t much fun (previously on Twitter).

After our family’s philosophical conversations and practical efforts to defeat Proposition 8 last November, it was disappointing to see the California Supreme Court affirm this blatant form of discrimination.

But Enough! Now we’re called to action … beginning with a “Day of Decision” rally that started at Plaza […]

(In)Famous Walking Tours

Of course, we did some walking on our European adventure. And some of it was quite memorable — but perhaps for wrong reasons. 😉

As mentioned before, our jetlag experience in Rome resulted in an early early morning power stroll through Rome. All told, we walked more than 5.7 Km in search of touristy […]

Venetian Death March — With Luggage!

While we certainly didn’t plan to lose any weight while on vacation, it would have been in Venice where it happened. Because that’s where Karen and I nearly killed ourselves hauling children and luggage across the island to our apartment.

We quickly lost track of the stairs we had to climb — and then descend […]

Sister Tortures Sister While Cousins Watch

Oh, the horrors! In addition to all of the other fun we had at the Monteriggioni Medieval Faire, we also got to stretch our children on the rack … and they enjoyed it!

Here we see Jocelyn helping Felicia grow a few inches, with the giddy help of her cousins. No one missed their turn, […]

Extra “Leap Day” With Felicia Was *AWESOME*

Alright … I have to admit something. Today wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was a second Friday in a row that I had cobbled together the logistics to support a day snowboarding in Tahoe — and it was the second Friday in a row that my plans fell […]

Sunny St. Patrick’s Day

Thanks to a teacher training day on Friday, our family is enjoying a three-day weekend in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Well, not really, but we are off for three days. We had at least two different plans for the weekend — both of which fizzled — so we went to the beach at Natural […]

Happy Birthday, Dear Ryan …

Sometimes, it’s the parents who say the silly things …

Felicia celebrates her third birthday on Wednesday this week, and the festivities began on Tuesday with a round of “Happy Birthday to You” at her preschool.

One of Felicia’s classmates really wanted to join her for the traditional blowing-out of the birthday candle (pictured […]

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Please.

The Martin-Keller Family holiday tradition of giving Mommy a Christmas Carol continues this year, with a more modern spin on the Holidays: “Let It Snow.” Perhaps you’ve debated whether or not it’s really a Christmas Carol, but the argument is now over. It is.

Written in 1945, “Let It Snow” has been covered by […]

The Notorious Infinity Pool

I have to say that the house where we stayed was incredible. The pool, however, left a little bit to be desired. It was pretty, but it was tiny. And daily evaporation, along with a substantial tidal wave courtesy of Uncle Timmy, left the water level a little below the infinity wall for most of […]