No School Today

We’ve had a lovely two weeks off this holiday, and we’ve had Mommy home for a lot of them, too. Yesterday was the last day of the holiday, and we fully expected to return to school today. Karen is back to work, and I have to admit that I was sort of looking forward to […]

Turkeys for Parents

This may be the only turkey we see this weekend, as we have planned a family foursome trip to Monterey, and will probably skip most of the holiday trappings. Nonetheless, the Turkey has a story …

Our whole family was assigned homework as part of a “family turkey” project for Jocelyn’s first grade class. […]

Winning Friends

While heading home from an afternoon of shopping today, our family conversation deteriorated a bit in the car. Instead of asking nicely for something that she wanted, Jocelyn used a rude tone to demand she get it. It’s not an uncommon occurrence these days, and we’re still searching for the proper parental response.

Here was […]

It’s Almost Like a Tiger Scratch

For the umpteenth time, we have damaged our child.

Tonight, after a few weeks of preparation, we practiced getting out of the house. When her Girl Scout Daisy Troop visited our local fire station, Jocelyn learned that it is a good idea to have an emergency plan that includes two exit routes and an outside […]

Say My Name, B!+@#

Uh oh, Daddy’s in trouble.

Jocelyn and I have bonded over the Rewind @ Noon radio show, Live 105’s lunchtime retro music program. But, perhaps we’ve bonded a little too much.

One of the games on the show pits three contestants against each other to guess the name of an artist/band, based on clues the […]

My Daughter Ate My Coupon

Felicia eats paper. Apparently, I have to pay more attention.

She’s become more opinionated during our trips to the grocery store, and now has to keep busy playing with assorted packages, pre-chosen toys, or some provided snacks. In a pinch, she’ll also enjoy coupons. But the checkout-generated store coupons are printed on flimsy heat transfer […]