Epic Car Odyssey 2011

It almost didn’t happen. It wasn’t planned. It evolved organically without a definite plan over all 605 miles.

And it started with a missed connection. We were in Oregon for a week with GrandMama & GrandPapa, minding our own business, when the opportunity dropped in our laps. Karen was supposed to join us for […]

Epic 2011 Oregon Adventure

What better way to shake-off the school year than to race out to vacation right of the gate!?!

That’s what we (or at least David & the Girls) did for the Summer of 2011. We hit the road on Monday for a trip to Southern Oregon to visit GrandMaMa & GrandPaPa in Roseburg. Of course, […]

Surprise! Apparators Advance in Robotics

A welcome surprise, of course …

The dust has yet to settle on Jocelyn’s robotics season — The season which was supposed to end today with the regional qualifying tournament at NASA Ames Research Center. But it didn’t end.

The Apparators Robotics team was one of the top-nine teams at today’s tournament, and moves one […]

Fawkes Arrives Before Lucky #11

In an odd convergence of traditions, maybe I should have given Jocelyn one of Felicia’s birthday books this year, instead of the traditional stuffed plush toy I usually give her on her special day.

This is the year that Jocelyn truly became a reader. A Voracious Reader. There were times that we had to pry […]

Harry Potter Overnight Halloween Trick-or-Treating Birthday Slumber Party

Just eleven years ago Karen was dreading that our five-days-past-her-due-date baby might be born on Halloween. To be honest, I was secretly hoping for an excuse to throw an annual costume birthday party.

Well, Jocelyn went on to be another three days late, but it took me eleven full years to get my Halloween […]

Witches Eaten by a Blue Candy Monster

Happy Halloween!

Here are the California Cousins showing off their 2009 Halloween costumes, with Felicia and Kiana sporting different versions of witches, and that’s Jocelyn in the middle with her self-designed “Blue Candy Monster,” once again beautifully rendered by Karen.

For additional detail, Halloween festivities were lightly-Twittered during Friday’s school parades and again on […]

High Altitude Emergency Hat Rescue

Good thing we had our cousins with us!

During our excursion to the seasonally-shrinking Lake van Norden this past weekend, Jocelyn lost her hat to the howling winds that are common in the afternoons on Donner Summit.

We had finished exploring ‘Pride Rock‘ with Camden & Brayden, and also discovered lots of grasshoppers and tiny […]

Happy Birthday, Kiana (Part 1)

Sure, Kiana’s seventh birthday was actually in May … but when you give an “experience” for her birthday gift, the fun naturally stretches beyond the actual day. and month.

For Part One of the promise gift, we took Kiana to Great America on Thursday for a full day of thrill rides and fun. She was […]

Our Family Rejects Prop 8

Today wasn’t much fun (previously on Twitter).

After our family’s philosophical conversations and practical efforts to defeat Proposition 8 last November, it was disappointing to see the California Supreme Court affirm this blatant form of discrimination.

But Enough! Now we’re called to action … beginning with a “Day of Decision” rally that started at Plaza […]