Another Memorable Visit to Canada

We are wrapping up #MK20 today, bidding fond adieu to Canada’s Rocky Mountains and to Banff.

We had a great trip, but we really could have used a bit more snow. Apparently, it’s either feast or famine when we travel to Canada. Incredibly noteworthy weather … or none at all. Sigh

But we still […]

Hidden Gem: Tubing at Norquay

Sure, #MK20 was primarily supposed to be about snowboarding. And we broke in the New Year with a lot of that.

But over the last two days, as the snow quality subsided without any fresh snow to cover the icy patches, we decided to try tubing at Norquay. And it may have spoiled us for […]

Today’s the Day! #MK20 is Officially Here

OFFICIAL: 20 YEARS today! … Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife @karenmkeller and my fantastic daughters celebrating with us! #MK20

— David Keller (@dhkeller) January 2, 2013

20-Year Wedding Anniversary Pro-Tip: Be willing to let coyotes eat your wedding cake, but use a caterer who can deal with chocolate ganache.

— David […]

Happy New Year from Banff!

#MK20 Continues through 2012 and beyond! … It’s midnight in Toronto, right?

We’re not sure of a better way to spend the last day of any given year than snowboarding. While our usual gig would be a day at Sugar Bowl followed by fireworks at Northstar-at-Tahoe, we found another fun way […]

The Calgary Before The Banff

Twitter Hashtag: #MK20 Follow #MK20 20th Anniversary Coverage 15th Anniversary in 2008

What do you do when your family plans a trip to see a hockey game in Calgary, and then the NHL goes on a 100+day owner-imposed lockout? Tour Calgary instead! So we did …

With our newly found extra time in […]

20 Years! Almost … On Twitter: #MK20

So many things going on! … Christmas, parties, gifts, medical stuff … and an Anniversary! Karen & David will celebrate our 20th Anniversary on Jan 2.

For our 15th Anniversary in 2008, the two of us went to Banff for a snowboarding extravaganza. And for the past five years, we’ve been planning another trip — […]