Grandee & Grandpa Survive Babylon

Thank you, Grandee & Grandpa!

Karen and I had a great 15th Anniversary trip to Banff this past week, thanks to you guys taking the brunt of the responsibility in our absence. We know it was tough keeping up with our grueling schedule, managing homework/TV/computer time, keeping the house clean, breaking dishes and dishwashers, staffing […]

Help, I’m Trapped in Canada!

Who knew our earlier flirtation with the Alberta/BC border was merely a harbinger of things to come? I am in Vancouver at the moment, still two plane flights away from San Jose, but at least it’s warmer here than Calgary.

I am still in Canada thanks to my own three minutes of tardiness and […]

Sharks 4, Former Sharks 4, Flames 1

As a San Jose fan in the Calgary Saddledome for tonight’s Sharks’ road game, I’ll look on the bright side. Current and former San Jose Sharks outscored the Calgary Flames‘ Never-Sharks, 8-1. Unfortunately, the actual score was Flames 5, Sharks 4 (although it wasn’t really that close).

Former Shark Owen Nolan scored a hat trick, […]

Walking In Calgary

I had a whole day with nothing to do, so I walked around downtown Calgary. And I walked … 16.9 kilometers (you do the conversion), according to my crudely reconstructed route on Google Maps:

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My path included several shopping and coffee stops along 7th (aka “Stephen”) Avenue, a stroll around the grounds […]

But it was a Canadian Cold …

And boy was it cold! Karen and I each experienced a “personal best” in cold temperature, tapping out around -25C on Tuesday while we were riding Lake Louise. It was undoubtedly colder when this picture was taken on Monday, although we were both toasty warm at the +37C Banff Hot Springs. My hair? … that’s […]

It’s So Cold … How Cold Is It …?

Here’s a lovely view of a mountain overlooking Banff. … Oh! … and that’s also today’s Calgary Herald, reporting on the frigid cold weather that is currently gripping most of Canada.

It’s so cold that Sunshine Village and Ski Lake Louise are both closed today. That’s right … closed. In Canada.

It’s so cold […]

Snowboarding on the Continental Divide

Actually, I don’t think we realized that we’d be snowboarding across the Continental Divide, but we did. And we rode an express chairlift across it, as well.

This is one of the spectacular views we had from the top of Sunshine Village while snowboarding on Sunday. 13cm of fresh powder had fallen over night, and […]