Yangshuo — by Bike, Kayak, and Canoe

In a way, this trip has been all about different modes of transportation.

Our plane flights from SFO to Beijing totaled 7000 miles (plus an airport tram). Our bullet train ride to YueYang was more than 900 miles. And we’ve taken two other flights since. But we also rode a limo to the airport, took […]

Bamboo Surfing Down the Yulong River

It was hard to avoid the draw of riding a bamboo raft down the Yulong River, especially since our balcony view afforded us a constant stream of other tourist riding the boats. So we joined in the fun!

All along the river, there were barges with drinks and snacks for sale, and there were […]

Chengdu (also cool without Pandas)

Before we even got to the Panda Base in Chengdu, we knew we would enjoy exploring this city. Even on the ride from the airport to the hotel, it was clear that this city was different was different — cleaner, more modern, vibrant, pleasant, etc.

It had been a very early flight out of Changsha, […]

YueYang – “Care First, Enjoy Last”

Our time in YueYang and Changsha was the intended highlight of our trip – a visit to Kiana’s home city and Hunan province!

After a six-hour bullet train ride headed south from Beijing (900 miles, ten stops, and speeds in excess of 300km/h), we arrived in the YueYang. Our guide (English name ‘Smile’) introduced us […]

Beijing – Squares, Stairs and Big Places

You can’t schedule a two-week visit to China without planning a stop in Beijing. But you also probably can’t do Beijing justice in just two weeks, let alone three days … Incredible!

Tianamen Square & The Forbidden City

A lot of things in China strike you immediately as simply huge. Like Tiananmen Square. Said […]

Great Wall at Mutianyu – With Stairs!

Of course we also saw the Great Wall.

We selected a location a bit further from Beijing, but well worth the drive. Despite the longer drive and the overcast weather, it was amazing to see this great wonder of the world for ourselves — and to walk along the steep ramps and […]

Latest Trip: CHINA! … #mkChina

Since our Cousin Kiana (aka “Super-K”) was adopted from China 10 years ago, its about time our entire family visited! … We are off the orient this week for a two-week stay. We’ll be visiting Beijing, Guilin, and Hong Kong.

Of course, our preferred method of sharing our vacation with you is Twitter. But technically, […]