The 2011 Christmas Card

Trip to Germany Goes Into Extra Time!

In truth, we came up with the idea of extending our stay in Germany even before the USA’s thrilling extra-time victory over Brazil in the Womens World Cup quarterfinal that we didn’t attend. But after that victory, how could we not? … It seemed the US was a team of destiny, and our time in […]

Good Luck in Bavaria — Just Not For Germany!

The second stage of our visit to Germany was our primary tourist time in Deutschland, and we had planned to spend it in Bavaria. Although the US Soccer Team didn’t join us there, we had a great time — and some very surprising good luck.

We spent Friday in the old city center of Nuremburg, […]

Germany & FIFA Womens World Cup

And here we are, in a whole different country! The next big chapter of our journey began today as we officially left the United Kingdom for Germany, where our touristic endeavors continue, but our focus shifts to Soccer!

Indeed, we found right off the bat that the Germans are very focused on soccer these days, […]

Holiday Weekend in London

It’s the 4th of July Weekend, celebrating American Independence across the world, and …. Hold on. Nevermind. We’re in London! … So, it’s not really a Holiday Weekend here. But that didn’t stop us from having a great time!

We arrived via train from York on Saturday morning, pulling into the famous Kings Cross station […]

Friday: Whitby — by way of Goathland

Our last full day in Yorkshire was yet another different experience — sort of. We visited the picturesque town of Whitby, on the east coast of England along the North Sea.

But on the way, we did take a diversion to Goathland, another local venue that was featured in scenes of the Harry Potter movies. […]

Thursday: Our Day in Original York

On Thursday, we finally struck out toward a destination city, as we visited York for the first time. Clear skies turned to a steady rain as we arrived at Clifford’s Tower, which afforded a spectacular view of the city before we began to explore it.

Clifford’s Tower is almost all that remains of York Castle, […]

Alnwick Castle and The Magic of Harry Potter

No, no actual magic here. But it was very cool to see this well-maintained medieval Alnwick Castle, which was also used for some exterior scenes in the first two Harry Potter movies.

In particular, many of the scenes involving the broomstick and quidditch lessons from the first movie and the flying car from HP2 […]

Now We Know What a Moor Is

Tuesday was a mellow day in the UK for us, with a simple drive into the meaty part of North York Moors National Park and the Park’s museum and visitors center in Danby.

And now we know what a Moor is! And it turns out the moors we are visiting were actually man-made, or […]