Buon Natale & Vrolijke Kerstmis

It’s possible that ‘Boun Natale’ is “Merry Christmas” in Italian, and there’s an even chance that ‘Vrolijke Kerstmis’ means the same thing, but in Dutch.

Of course, we visited Italy and The Netherlands in July, so we really didn’t get a chance to confirm that first hand. 😉

Whatever the language, we wish everyone […]

Ice Cream Gelato Specials Saturday

For those of you eagerly awaiting the start of the school year … well … you’ll have to have some Ice Cream first.

Saturday marks the return of Jocelyn & Felicia’s annual “Ice Cream Specials” tradition, tentatively set for 2:00 – 4:00 pm at our House. As usual, the girls will be selling scoops of […]

Word Geen Slaaprijder

Well, our fabulous European holiday to Italy and The Netherlands has come to an end. This post should be hitting the website as we travel across the Atlantic Ocean or perhaps across the polar ice cap), and serves as a friendly safety announcement from the digital traffic safety boards that cover most of Amsterdam.

Word […]

The Simple Harmonies of Friendship

20080716112756 Originally uploaded by dhkeller

While Ann & Tony had many exciting adventures planned for our time in Amsterdam, the best times were probably the simplest. Like Kate and Jocelyn combining to play music on this simple playground instrument not far from their apartment.

Or the natural playtimes that seemed to emerge spontaneously without […]

Barenaked Ladies … XXX … Amsterdam!

Sorry … it’s not what you think.

First of all … When Jocelyn asked Ann about the three X’s on a lot of buildings and flags across Amsterdam, we could have been in some trouble. But it turns out that red XXX symbol is the official Coat of Arms for Amsterdam, not at all related […]

World of Ajax Tour (no cleaning products)

As a special treat on Saturday, Kate, Ted, Jocelyn, Ann, and I took a tour of Amsterdam Arena, home of the world famous Ajax Futbol Club. We got to go inside the stadium, walk on the pitch (dirt, actually, as they are renovating the grass during the offseason), sit inside the high-security visitors section, and […]

(In)Famous Walking Tours

Of course, we did some walking on our European adventure. And some of it was quite memorable — but perhaps for wrong reasons. 😉

As mentioned before, our jetlag experience in Rome resulted in an early early morning power stroll through Rome. All told, we walked more than 5.7 Km in search of touristy […]

Two Leaning Towers … no Pisa

Early in the planning stages, we declined to make a special trip to Pisa just to see the famous leaning tower. The decision was justified as we discovered at least two other leaning towers on our trip, including one near the Academie in Venice and another in the small town of Edam in the Netherlands. […]

We Did Not Sink the Batavia

Despite pictures of Felicia manning the helm and evidence that Jocelyn and Kate were asleep when they should have been working, we were not responsible for the sinking of the Batavia off the coast of Australia in 1629.

But we will confess to having visited the recreated Batavia in Lelystad while touring the countryside with […]