Moving Video to

For those of you who can’t wait for your next fix of video from the Martin-Keller Family, we have a bit of technical news: We’re moving our hi-definition videos to Motionbox.

Earlier this year, we started sharing video on the Vimeo website, because it offered really pretty pictures with unlimited storage space (although there was […]

Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue

Actually, we were having plenty of fun in Disneyland, and we didn’t really need much in the way of rescuing. In fact, the Buzz Lightyear AstroBlasters ride wasn’t even on our radar before we arrived at the park. Bu we accidentally discovered what turned out to be one of our favorite rides.

We went on […]

Fire Jumpers at California Adventure

For some reason, Disney’s California Adventure theme park is much-maligned. We’re not sure why, because we’ve always seemed to enjoy it — although I admit we haven’t really spent a lot of time there.

But we did enjoy the attractions, including the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, which had some fun rope bridges and a really […]

First Ride: Mad Hatter Tea Cups

After starting the day at American Girl Place, we transitioned to Disneyland for Sunday afternoon and evening.

Although Karen passed on the inaugural first ride of our trip — something about Tea Cups ingrained in her mind from Papa’s tales of Magic Kingdom employment — the rest of us started our Disney experience right here.


American Girls Carboload for Disneyland

As part of our gift-giving for Jocelyn’s 10th Birthday, we surprised the girls with a trip to Southern California for the extended Veteran’s Day weekend this year.

You can debate whether the primary purpose of the trip was to visit the fancy American Girl Place store in Los Angeles … or if that was just […]