Wisconsin State Fair

In a fairly significant departure from the normal family outing, the entire Martin Clan went to the Wisconsin State Fair this morning. It was pretty cool.

The highlight of the Fair was either Robinson’s Racing Pigs or the Giant Slide, both of which entertained the entire family. Food treats also included hot dogs, a Bratwurst […]


Cousin Kiana Martin is the original “Super-K” of course, but since her family gave me matching Super-K tee shirts for my birthday last month, she’s been calling me Super-K, too.

Kiana: “You call me Super-K. You Super-K.” Me: “No, you’re Super-K!” Kiana: “No, you Super-K!” Me: “No, you’re Super-K!”

You get the idea … […]

Oriental Racing Rugs

One of Felicia’s favorite things to do these days is walk along skinny paths, cement curbs, and painted lines. She’s working on balancing skills as she expands on her walking abilities.

Today we add to the list: she loves walking on Oriental Rugs, too! Nana & Papa have a large rectangular rug running down […]