Ancient History

Long, long ago … on a website far, far away …

The Martin-Keller Family formed one of these new-fangled website thingys, complete with pictures and the occasional link to something interesting. Since then, we’ve evolved a bit beyond the standard family web page into something a bit more advanced … and certainly a bit more self-centered.

Enter at Your Own Risk

In addition to our fabulous modern weblog, you can also look at our not-so-fabulous early website archives. In an effort to preserve our website from the time before we started “blogging,” we’ve archived older pages for your perusal — and amusement.

These pages not only contain scary pictures, but there are many design gaffes, formatting gliches, and broken links. Since the various archives will not play well with each other (using a variety or archaic, mis-matched web design concepts), they do not link to one another. Each link sending you into the prehistoric abyss will do so in a new window, with hopes that you will find your way out more easily.

Like the Weblog we have now, please allow us to work backwards, in reverse-chronological order. Let’s call the weblog you are seeing today “Version 4.2.”

Version 4.1

Before we converted to WordPress, we actually began blogging inside our website using the external tools provided by Although all of those original posts have since been imported into our current WordPress weblog at, you can see our original blog in its original splendor if you’d like. Again, we offer no promises.

Version 4.1 … Blogger: September – December, 2004.

Version 4.0

Our family grew in January 2004, so our website had to change, too. The “Keller Threesome” was about to become a Foursome, so the old design was archived in favor of a boxey celebration of squareness. Felicia and Jocelyn each had their own pages.

Version 4.0 …, as archived on December 31, 2004.

Version 3.2

Prior to the weblog, our website consisted of minor photographic updates to the front page, along with periodic “chapters” that contained pictures and stories about important events and activities. Jocelyn also had her own page that we updated semi-annually (sort of)., as archived in January 2004.